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Several lawsuits were filed against various parties, including Hendrick Motorsports, regarding the crash, and all have been long-since settled. "And I really believe if you don't have any faith or a lot of friends and family -- and my family is huge, because of these folks, here.

We would not let their dreams die, but instead to go out and take it to the world.

We're going to get through this.' And then I left."That is, in fact, not true.

But I had to thank them and tell them I was thinking about them."And when I saw the people, I said, 'This place is going to go on, and we're going to take care of each other. And we're going to do whatever we got to do to take care of each other.

They had just spoken a week before this interview."You talk about how tragic and unfair it is," Hendrick said. It is the closest track to his hometown, Palmer Springs, Virginia."And then, when you fly in, there's the mountain," he said.

Joseph Riddick "Ricky" Hendrick IV (April 2, 1980 – October 24, 2004) was an American NASCAR stock car driver and partial owner at Hendrick Motorsports, a team that his father Rick Hendrick founded.

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During Busch series season he was involved in two accidents, and received a mild concussion in one of them.

So much was lost on the side of Bull Mountain on Oct. What Hendrick rebuilt in the face of tragedy is a testament to his strength and that of the people who remained. It was the vehicle that Hendrick's son, Ricky, drove to the private hangar that housed his father's fleet of aircraft on the morning of Oct. Ricky parked the vehicle just before noon and boarded a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 with nine other people. And it was Ricky, Kimberly and Jennifer, John and Jeff ... As Hendrick said those words, he peered across the table at his longtime publicist and chief sounding board, Jesse Essex, for confirmation of accuracy."You didn't leave," Essex said.

One day each year, during this exact week in late October, just as the wind begins to blow colder and the air breathes crisper and the leaves explode with color, Rick Hendrick removes the cover from a Chevrolet Tahoe in his garage on the Hendrick Motorsports campus, unlocks it and drives it home. Soon thereafter, en route to Martinsville Speedway, the plane crashed into Bull Mountain in Patrick County, Virginia. In that moment, Rick Hendrick lost his only son, his brother, his nieces, his best friends and his most-established, loyal business associates. And I said, 'Oh no ...'"He got back on the road and drove home to tell his wife, Linda, hoping the plane had landed somewhere else due to weather. "I remember you shook every single person's hand in the room.""Well ... "I know that something came over me when I walked in.

It was NASCAR president Mike Helton."He said they'd found the wreck ... John's twin daughters, Kimberly and Jennifer, were on the plane. To get there, you turn onto Stowe from Morehead Road and ease right around a 90-degree corner and down a steep hill. Because he knew as soon as he took that 90-degree right-hand turn and drove down that hill toward the Hendrick Motorsports museum, the entire company waited."I went in the back door, and I walked in, and the first person I made eye contact with was Jeff Gordon. "I went up there, I remember just how emotional it was, how hard it was just to try to talk.

He was Rick's brother and the president of Hendrick Motorsports. "The crash made all these holes, and all these people had meant so much to me. He knew he must go to Motorsports and he must stand in front of his extended family of hundreds, and he must assure them and he must tell them that they would press on in the name and in the honor of those lost. And when he decided to go, Linda wanted to join him. And his son-in-law, Marshall Carlson, wanted to join him. The Hendrick racing compound sits down a hill on Stowe Lane in Concord, North Carolina.

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